Creating first-class entertainment that delights and inspires audiences around the world.

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Nthibah Pictures is a global media company driving the development of superior content for all audiences. With extensive industry experience, we provide creators and producers with a unique full-service offering, from finance and development to production and distribution.

Nthibah works with established talent and leading studio partners to finance, develop, produce, market and distribute films globally.

With offices in both Johannesburg and Los Angeles, we are committed to producing movies with broad audience appeal that also speak to the serious social issues of today.


Nthibah Pictures focuses on producing world-class entertainment that unites, delights and inspires international audiences. We work with established creators that share our vision for cinema, progress and excellence. To us, that means fresh, original stories with creative, positive social messaging, strong creative talent and clearly defined audiences.

We’re looking for films that will bring people together, uniting them through a cause, story or adventure.


With an experienced Hollywood track record paired with venture capital and investment experience, we deliver a fresh approach to getting powerful, independent films in front of the best audiences at every step of the journey.

We’ve streamlined our offering into an end-to-end solution that allows us to impactfully contribute to the entire movie-making process. From experienced production teams to top-rated cast members, to distribution support.


Nthibah Pictures has long term partnerships with industry leaders that hold strong track records of continued commercial success. As a result, we assist creators with attracting talent at all phases and establishing partnerships with leading financiers and producers.

On a story level, we emphasise creative freedom. We work with our creators to develop globally-appealing content that embodies aspirational, redemptive and socially relevant themes.

Thanks to our local and international production capabilities, we help creators to leverage the broadest range of resources around the world.

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Nthibah Pictures is an independent financier that actively manages each phase of the production and distribution processes. By actively managing each phase of the production process we help creators to develop creative, flexible financing structures based on thorough financial modelling.

With our network and expertise, we help our partners to access and maximise film grants and incentives, as well as favourable exchange rates that maximise ROI and reduce risk.


Boy Kills World


Lionsgate & Roadside Attractions Acquire TIFF Midnight Madness Movie ‘Boy Kills World’ Starring Bill Skarsgård, Michelle Dockery


Lionsgate & Roadside Attractions Acquire TIFF Midnight Madness Movie ‘Boy Kills World’ Starring Bill Skarsgård, Michelle Dockery

The TIFF Midnight Madness movie, Boy Kills Worldhas been picked up by Lionsgate and Roadside Attractions. The action movie starring Bill Skarsgård, Michelle Dockery, Jessica Rothe, and Famke Janssen has set a wide theatrical release for April 26.



Simon Swart


Nthibah Pictures is headed by former Fox Senior Executive and Producer, Simon Swart. Swart, in his 25+ years of studio experience, worked on large movie franchises such as Star Wars, Avatar, Planet of the Apes and X-Men, as well as some of the most acclaimed independent films - Napoleon Dynamite, Black Swan and Slumdog Millionaire, to name a few.

He has produced / executive produced several independent movies such as The King’s Daughter, Six Below and I Can Only Imagine, which was the biggest indie movie of 2018.


Wayne Fitzjohn


Chairman of Nthibah Pictures, as well as co-founder and CEO of parent company Talent10 Holdings, Fitzjohn has more than 18 years' experience in the financial industry in South Africa.

A passionate film lover and family man, Fitzjohn set several cogs in motion in 2017 to realise a lifelong dream and bring vision to African cinema and the world by partnering the best possible teams to form Nthibah Pictures.

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We work with Talent 10 Holdings, which was established with the vision to finance and invest in impactful industries. With their backing, we aim to produce exceptional feature films that compete globally, in terms of theme and content, production quality and commercial success.